Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Hounds v2

Kappo 3rd fret: Eminor- Aminor - Fminor w/E2

steel and wood - I am good, I am good
send my ghost into the ground
dirt and pine - I am fine, I am fine
I'm flying in the bay of the hounds

when you find me, there won't be much to love
just a stain in your hand, from what you loved too much

blood and bone - I am home, I am home
fight the storm from within
mouth and eye - I have tried, I have died
fallen prey to the wind

and when they finally find me, there won't be much left to love
just a stain on your hand, and an empty glove

1 comment:

Polykleitos said...

Grant. I don't know how to say this for maximum impact. I'll try the classic separation of each word by a period: You. Are. So. Damn. Talented. Get discovered. And then remember all the little people when you're on top. You know you'll never be happy doing anything else. :)