Saturday, April 25, 2009

this is my street corner.


Because I care more about them, then about yous-- they are me. I am supposed to be selfish right now, and I am soo happy for them/me.

Here is their song (screw you Bon Iver):


*grant's power chord (base: 13321-), from 8 -> 3 -> 8 -> 3 (x2): -> 1 ->3 a few times on the chorus or something. Chew it, suck it, eat it, break it, take it, but be sure to be in bed before 11:30. Play it like it wants to be played but can't quite find the rhythm, or the will power to become what you need it to be, and you are too busy agonizing over that damn kiss and vicariously taking pleasure in it as if it is a sign that all of your problems will someday be reduced to such an extreme of beauty, and fulfillment. Never had a glass been so thirsty for so long, and friends, it went for a swim. Oh, and the song (because you want it, yes you. That's right, I am talking to you, reflection in my monitor. It's just you and me/them/us/I hate the fact that whatever this "is" is already and is an "is"):

I only know how to love you wrongly
I only know how dream of your touch
I only know how need you badly
I only know how to miss you too much
(chorus.. change the chord now.. to 1 ... and then pass out for 3 days)
but I'll wait...
i will wait...
but I will wait..
till i wake up..



I only know how to see you blindly
I only know how to feel you remote
I only know how to think on you kindly
but one day.. . well I won't!

--- will wait ...
and I will wait...

Oh i will wa-a--a-i it (sing it like you effing mean it. If you don't every one will just think you are cheesy, but we are shooting for street crazy w/ cheesy.)

oh I will wait

until i wake up

----- to
------- you


and then all the world explodes into orgasmic rapture and the fractured fractions of earth and blood and love and finally, finally arriving to where it always knew it should be but never was. They will sing of us.

and maybe clap or stomp on the down-beat...

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Hounds v2

Kappo 3rd fret: Eminor- Aminor - Fminor w/E2

steel and wood - I am good, I am good
send my ghost into the ground
dirt and pine - I am fine, I am fine
I'm flying in the bay of the hounds

when you find me, there won't be much to love
just a stain in your hand, from what you loved too much

blood and bone - I am home, I am home
fight the storm from within
mouth and eye - I have tried, I have died
fallen prey to the wind

and when they finally find me, there won't be much left to love
just a stain on your hand, and an empty glove

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

A leaf does not ask where it is to be blown-- it just blows. It's destination is not the outcome of it's direction or it's trail-- every spin and roll and flutter is the outcome of it's self.

It's this word "outcome" that I'm stuck on. I am currently and always the outcome. It can never happen somewhere in front or behind me, it's essence is in the present. What is left to be waited for?

Monday, April 6, 2009

Coma Blog

Here is a link to something that I wrote for a ten-page story assignment for my fiction writing class. Just keep in mind that it is a blog, and so it is in reverse-chronological order... so whatever that means to you... read accordingly.

I really like the idea of fiction blogging. I guess it's kind of like writing in a journal format, but there is something magical about the meta-physicality of the internet that appeals to me, and the format is far more flexible. I think there is a certain barrier that a reader has to overcome, however small, when they are holding a stack of papers, or a book, that is, a conflict between the reality that a story is trying to create, and the actual tangible reality of holding something in your hands that you printed or bought. For example, when you read Anne Frank's diary, it's not really Anne Frank's diary at all, but rather a copy, or re-publishing. When you read a blog, you are sucked into a world that is also a real part of the real world, and though what you are reading may or may not be fictional, there is so much less in the way of amalgamating those two realities.

This would perhaps be illustrated better by a blog that is fictional in a more subtle fashion, like this one: . This is perhaps more non-fiction satire than fiction, but the idea is still the same. The writer is creating a character and a setting, with the purpose of convincing the reader of the reality of a certain world. At least, I hope it's satire. That's the beauty of the format. When you read a blog, you are stepping into someones life, and are left to make your own assumptions about their character (assuming that you don't know them in real life), which as a fiction writer, is a great start at engaging the reader.

Anyways, that's my shpeel. Admittedly, I am not an avid blog reader. I am just interested in the concept of the medium.