Saturday, April 25, 2009


Because I care more about them, then about yous-- they are me. I am supposed to be selfish right now, and I am soo happy for them/me.

Here is their song (screw you Bon Iver):


*grant's power chord (base: 13321-), from 8 -> 3 -> 8 -> 3 (x2): -> 1 ->3 a few times on the chorus or something. Chew it, suck it, eat it, break it, take it, but be sure to be in bed before 11:30. Play it like it wants to be played but can't quite find the rhythm, or the will power to become what you need it to be, and you are too busy agonizing over that damn kiss and vicariously taking pleasure in it as if it is a sign that all of your problems will someday be reduced to such an extreme of beauty, and fulfillment. Never had a glass been so thirsty for so long, and friends, it went for a swim. Oh, and the song (because you want it, yes you. That's right, I am talking to you, reflection in my monitor. It's just you and me/them/us/I hate the fact that whatever this "is" is already and is an "is"):

I only know how to love you wrongly
I only know how dream of your touch
I only know how need you badly
I only know how to miss you too much
(chorus.. change the chord now.. to 1 ... and then pass out for 3 days)
but I'll wait...
i will wait...
but I will wait..
till i wake up..



I only know how to see you blindly
I only know how to feel you remote
I only know how to think on you kindly
but one day.. . well I won't!

--- will wait ...
and I will wait...

Oh i will wa-a--a-i it (sing it like you effing mean it. If you don't every one will just think you are cheesy, but we are shooting for street crazy w/ cheesy.)

oh I will wait

until i wake up

----- to
------- you


and then all the world explodes into orgasmic rapture and the fractured fractions of earth and blood and love and finally, finally arriving to where it always knew it should be but never was. They will sing of us.

and maybe clap or stomp on the down-beat...

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Layla said...

I remember reading this post and wondering if for real you liked them. Now I know. Sigh. Chuck will be so bad ass next season. AHH Chuck and Sarah 4vr!