Thursday, January 28, 2010

Serious Questions About Nothing

Am I a Red King? Am I a Thing, or the Creator of All Things, or a Thing and The Creator of all things? What am I when I wake up? One can't be a chicken, and the egg, or the chicken and the egg... what are signs until signified? And what is signified with signifiers? Signifiers floating on red and green and purple smoke. whO aRe yoU? s-m-o-ke-- and words are whatever we like them to be. Adjectives are easy. Nouns are representations of some chicken's egg, some dreamers dream, and rows are rows and a bark is a bark. Some killers of words. Speak only when spoken to-- but then... nobody would say anything at all! Poesy claimeth nothing. And still I am sick. sick with no thing to cure it's reflection. Through the looking glass, and into a dream. I must be a Red King, because you are nothing without a me, so I must be both the creator, and a thing.

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