Sunday, February 8, 2009

quazi free write absuretery no editing o editing not for me or you or anyone.

The ticking noise i heard was self produced. yes, i made it with hours and hours of sweat and oil labor to splurge it s a chinsy trendy shiny colorful and danish super fat house. Tick tick tick tick... and a bell! what bell? I didn't hear it. i was drowning in a wave of heat and dreams and monsters and good lord do I know you? Cathartic and catholic I am, both un-reliazed and nu religious or un repented or un un un... I would wish to be the better parts of those words: confessed and oblidged to honey and strawberry jam on your sunday evening picnics- canoe rides with girls in pretty hats: religion is never a part of that story. Nor does it need to be right? A dark room and someone nods there head. Sooo easy he nods, Obviously someone gronas. Quationless and unmarked in a unanimous agreement. Well... water bottle in hand, I pander to the crowd. Bread is all they understand because bread is all that I tell them. There is so more thang greater mohuman neatness superdelicate non-repreenstational heart beat and TOCK! THE BELL! what was I doing? Do I nkow you? Excuse me mam, but i fear that your nakedness has some freudian root that i should like to uncover, no pun intended. Ehhh.. forget Freud. You are not my friend. You are just some desktop bobble head killing time with skipping stones as the bluejays sing sing sing to deaf ears. Whos ears are deaf now? My back is deaf and my ears are blind while my eyes hold no upper lumber support and start to arc against what the general surgeon orders. Empty. She leaves, I realease, and nothing, nothing is left. Cold, sweat, and my world awaits! I am KWEO! Conquerer of all!(below lvl 22). What sir doth ye require?MLEH! I am not that. I am not this. I am not even here or close to hear or even in the street near my house digging through dumpsters andcrying to the moon "Moon mother! So bright! So far!". How could i be? She said "what is now will not last""you are someone that niether of us have met". TOK. BELL.

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